Globalisation has spread all over the world. The world has become almost borderless, and everything has become interconnected and easily accessed. Islam is no exception. It has entered a global arena and its position has become inseparable from its global context. It is pointless to talk about the future of Islam without looking at its global context. What then is the future of Islam? The question is broad, and its answer will vary. It depends heavily on what perspectives we take and in what contexts we will place it. Failure to take these into account will make it impossible to build a profound understanding of the position of Islam and the Muslim world. This short article will therefore take a certain perspective and will place it within a certain context. In this respect, I will discuss the future of Islam from both theological and educational perspectives and I will locate them within the global context. The questions to be addressed here are: how does Islam view the future and what can Islamic education contribute to facing it?