About Me

I was born on August 5, 1975 in Demak Central Java, Indonesia. I pursued my elementary and secondary school in my hometown. In 1990, I moved to East Java to study at senior high school (Madrasah Aliyyah Tribakti Kediri). In 1994, I started taking my undergraduate level at the department of tafsir-hadith, in the faculty of Islamic theology, State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta.


It was my fortune that during my study I obtained a rigorous training in Islamic studies that enabled me to equip myself with various analytical tools and methodologies, both classical and modern. My BA thesis is a point of departure for the development of my academic interests. The thesis deals with the theory of Naskh in the Quranic studies. By examining the ideas of Nasr Abu Zayd, (controversial Egyptian liberal Muslim thinker), on the subject, I found that it is impossible to comprehend the religious texts without paying any attention to the socio-historical context. The combination of text and context is, therefore, strongly needed to gain comprehension of Islamic studies.


After completing the undergraduate level, I have developed and broadened my focus of interest in critical Islam. I have translated and published a number of works by liberal Muslim thinkers including Nasr Abu Zayd, Abed al-Jabiri, and Ali Harb. This translation endeavour has got me more acquainted with critical Islamic thought. As time passed, I focus my attention to study pesantren; hence I decided to join the Indonesian Young Leaders (TIYL) Programmes.[]

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