Refleksi, Vol. XII, No. 2, Oktober 2011

Abstract: This article deals with the Qur’a>nic interpretation offered by Majelis Tafsir
Al-Qur’an (MTA). It tries to answer several questions: to what extent MTA has interpreted
the Qur’a>n, how it fits (or does not fit) with its ambitious claim that it does not
offer any kind of Qur’a>nic interpretation, and how this interpretation demonstrates
the development of MTA’s thought in understanding the Qur’a>n. This article reaches
the conclusion that, although MTA claims not to interpret the Qur’a>n, in fact it has
made such a certain degree of interpretation of the Qur’a>n. Its puritan ideology seems
to have played a considerable role in colouring its Qur’a>nic understanding.